15 Unique Indoor Plant Stands For Multiple Plants

When you have plants in your home, you want somewhere for them to stand out, right? Well what’s better than a plant stand to showcase multiple plants on. They create a dedicated space for your plants, letting them make a real statement in your home. Whether you prefer a wooden look or something more geometric […]

10 Best Indoor Hydroponic Kits

Here we’ve put together a list of our favourite indoor hydroponic garden kits for this year. Hydroponics is becoming increasingly popular – especially amongst those who love the environment! – but it’s also a revolutionary way to grow food indoors. So, why are hydroponic kits so revolutionary? Indoor hydroponic gardens allow you to grow terrestrial plants […]

10 Best Indoor Herb Garden Kits for 2020

Having indoor herb garden kits are essential in the modern day home. Every meal at home will be like eating out. There’s a reason you often see herbs growing around restaurants. Why settle for anything less? Using the freshest ingredients possible in everyday meals has a huge impact on the flavor. You’ll never go back to dried […]

10 Air Purifying And Toxin Removing Indoor Plants [With Names] ?

Houseplants aren’t only there for looks, they have fantastic air-purifying qualities and with pollution levels constantly rising, they’re becoming essential to a clean environment. These plants will help decrease your stress levels by purifying the air and removing toxins to help you feel relaxed and have more energy throughout the day. We’ve put together what […]