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15 Stunning Colorful Indoor Plants That You Will Love

Stunning Colorful Indoor Plants

Plants are a wonderful way to add that splash of color and vibrancy to any room. They can be selected to tie in with existing décor or be used as an accent color to liven up any space. Before selecting a plant, make sure to consider which way the room is facing and how much sun it receives, as this will factor into your final selection.

1. Anthurium

anthurium plant represents hospitality

The anthurium plant represents hospitality and love, so it makes an excellent gift. It has pink, heart-shaped flowers and rich, dark green leaves. They are perfect for a home as they are the world’s longest blooming plant. Each flower lasts for eight weeks.

This flowering houseplant is low maintenance. All it requires is ½ cup of water weekly and placed in a room with indirect, bright light.

2. Fancy Leaf Caladium

Fancy Leaf Caladium green.jpg

This house plant has long-lasting leaves powdered in white with deep green along the borders. They have large, beautiful leaves. The fancy leaf caladium does well in full/partial shade and is a great indoor plant.

3. Purple Velvet Plant

The Purple Velvet plant looks elegant with its deep purple and dark green leaves. You can place them in hanging baskets or a pot or transplant them with stem cuttings.

4. Rex Begonia

Rex Begonia

The Rex Begonia isn’t like the ones you grow in the garden. They have beautiful foliage in orange, purple, silver, gold, red, and pink. Some patterns are swirls, netting, blotches, and stripes.

This plant needs a well-lit area that is not too hot. The soil should remain moist but not wet.

5. Desert Gems Cacti

These are bold succulents that come in a variety of colors. The vibrancy, unfortunately, is not natural. However, this doesn’t prevent them from bursting forth with gorgeous colors, depending on the grower. They are slow-growing cactus.

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You should try to keep them in bright light, but direct sunlight is fine for this plant. It needs to be watered once every other week (two weeks).

6. Orchid

The Phalaenopsis Orchid

The Phalaenopsis Orchid comes in many colors and is very fragrant. Blooms generally last three months, and they require three ounces of water weekly. Keep it in the bright, indirect sun with southern or eastern light exposure with a temperature between 65-85° F.

Do not overwater this indoor flowering plant, and be sure the temperature does not drop below 55°; otherwise, the plant will become damaged.

7 . Purple Passion

Purple Passion

The Purple Passion plant provides bold colors to any room. While the leaves are technically green, they contain tiny, velvety hairs giving the plant its bold, bright colors.

To keep the plant healthy, pinch back its growth regularly. It will prevent the plant from losing leaves from the flower stems and will generate new growth. If you want a plant with more color, choose a variegated variety with leaves combined with light green, pink, and cream.

8. Crown Of Thorns

Crown Of Thorns

Crown of Thorns is a deep pink flower with a wide, round bloom to the flowers and pop against the dark green leaves. The Crown of Thorns is one of the best flowering houseplants.

This plant needs three to four hours of direct, bright sunlight.

9. Tradescantia


Also called an inch plant, the Tradescantia comes in many colorful varieties. They have long stems and flourish in a hanging basket.  Their colors and leaf patterns depend on what type they are.  However, many have green and white striped purple leaves.

These flowers need to be kept away from too bright sunlight, and you should let the soil completely dry out before watering.

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10. Ruby Ball Cactus

Ruby Ball Cactus

The ruby ball cactus is another bright cactus whose tips look like a ball of color. They come in orange, yellow, and neon pink. The Ruby Ball Cactus should be placed in rooms with bright sunlight and should only be in direct sun for no longer than four to five hours.

11. Hoya Carnosa

Hoya Carnosa

Also called the Wax Plant, the Hoya Carnosa has fragrant blooms. A fully grown plant generates waxy pink clusters of flowers that have a sweet smell.

Place it in a room with indirect, bright light. The soil should be well-draining potting soil. It can also be in perlite or orchid bark mix.

12. Bird of Paradise

Bird of Paradise

The bird of paradise is a tall, beautiful houseplant with oversize leaves. Some have orange-red, blue, and yellow blooms that provide that burst of color to any room. While it can do well in different light conditions, it thrives in bright, indirect sun. It will need watering when the top one inch of soil feels dry. The Bird of Paradise requires soil that is well-

13. Christmas Cactus

Christmas Cactus

The Christmas Cactus blooms between Thanksgiving and Christmas. It provides a bright color throughout the holiday season. While it only blooms through this season, it does grow year-round.

When it does blossom, it gives vibrant red flowers with pink stigmas and white stamens.

14. Kalanchoe


This plant has blooms that last a long time. They are easy to grow and easy to locate. They grow in bright colors like pink, yellow, red, magenta, and orange. The Kalanchoe is available in white around Christmastime.

They do well in bright, natural light. Medium and high light can work if it is not direct sunlight. Do not put them in hot windows; otherwise, the plant will burn. Also, the plant will grow in low light, but the buds may not open, and the greenery may become spindly.

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It requires good drainage and requires watering every two weeks.

15. Stromanthe Tricolor

Stromanthe Tricolor

This beautiful plant has long, bold colorful foliage jutting up from its pot. Some leaves are a light yellow and green, while others are pink. It is a member of the prayer plant group and is known for folding up in prayer nightly.

It thrives in the bright, indirect sun with regular potting soil.

All these indoor flowers offer a vibrant color to any indoor space. There is such a variety of options available that it isn’t difficult to find one suitable for your environment.

Choices range from the fragrant to the beautiful, low maintenance to incredibly delicate, with each plant offering its own brand of beauty. What you choose will ultimately depend on where you want to place the plant, how much sunlight is received, and how much work you want to put into maintaining it.

Some plants, while beautiful, require a great deal of extra care, and the environment has to be at a certain temperature for it to thrive. While they may be beautiful and fragrant, they are also a great deal of work.

Then there are those that you only must water every other week and are low maintenance. If you require a low-maintenance houseplant, you may want to stick to the succulents. Many of them offer beautiful blooms without the high maintenance factor involved.

If you have children or pets, be careful that the plant is not toxic before purchasing them.

While you may find a beautiful plant for your space, be sure that you can maintain it. This is where homeowners need to be realistic. Base your choice on your current lifestyle. If you base it on an intention, you may experience more disappointment than delight.

Taking care of a plant- especially ones as beautiful as these- should be a delight. When dealing with them, it should be a labor of love, not laborious.