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10 Best Indoor Herb Garden Kits for 2020

Window Sill Herb Garden

Having indoor herb garden kits are essential in the modern day home. Every meal at home will be like eating out. There’s a reason you often see herbs growing around restaurants. Why settle for anything less?

Using the freshest ingredients possible in everyday meals has a huge impact on the flavor. You’ll never go back to dried herbs, plus you’ll save some money in the long run. I’ve never looked back since getting my own indoor herb kit.

So, I’ve been scouring the internet in search of the best. Let’s check them out.

Urban Leaf – Garden Trio Indoor Herb Kit (Basil, Parsley & Cilantro)

urban leaf windowsill herb garden

Urban leaf have some of the best indoor gardening products available right now. They’ve got a wide range of things for your home, including this fantastic trio herb kit. It’s a complete kit to get you going with your own windowsill herb garden. With it, you’ll get:

  • Reusable, timber planter
  • 3 Coco Coir Pots
  • 3 Expanding Soild Discs
  • Water-retaining Crystals
  • Bamboo Labels
  • 3 Packets of Seeds
  • Plus FREE access to their app full of useful maintenance tips

Check price on Urban Leaf

AeroGrow Bounty Basic

Bounty Basic

AeroGrow are really leading the indoor herb growing space at the moment. They have a wide variety of miniature gardens that provide a really modern take on traditional methods. They are smart gardens that have various controls to really ensure your herbs get the best care. 

Check price on AeroGrow

Classic Wood Indoor Herb Garden Kit

Classic Wood Design Planter For Herbs

What makes this windowsill herb garden really stand out, aside from the fact it’s a complete started kit, is the markers that come with it.

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They have a real antique look to them, and it comes with white chalk for you to write the names of your herbs on them. Each box is hand-made and has a unique look to it so you’ll never have two the same. As it’s made from wood, it’s also pretty easy to re-stain or paint it to any style to match your home decor.

Check price on Amazon

9 Indoor Herb Windowsill Garden Kit

planterschoice 9 herb garden kit

If you’re a lover of many herbs then this is the best option for you, it comes with everything you need to get started. There are a total of 9 small pots and it comes with 9 different types of herb seeds. So, you can grow Dill, Basil, Chives, Thyme, Parsley, Oregano, Cilantro, Sage, & Rosemary. Each pot comes with its own bamboo marker sign to help you identify the herbs whilst growing. 

Check price on Amazon

Vintage Farmhouse Styled Planters

vintage farmhouse herb planters

These planters come in a set of 3 and get their design inspiration from a vintage farmhouse. They will help you grow the perfect “Instagram herbs” to show off to the world. Made from galvanised steel, they’ll last you for a long time to come. You’ll get a drip tray with this too, so you don’t have to worry about spilling water everywhere. Plus there are holes in each of the planters to allow excess moisture to drain, which is then caught by the drip tray.

Check price on Amazon

White French Cottage Style Planters

White french cottage style herb planters

This set of 3, french cottage style planters fit perfectly on any windowsill. They add an eye-catching aesthetic to your home and tend to fit in well with any style of decor.

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Holes at the bottom of each planter allows excess moisture to drain away into the drip tray. When you notice water in the tray, it’s best if you empty it out straight away and dry off the bottom of the planters. Otherwise you might find they start to rust on the bottom, it’s not visible but it isn’t ideal.

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Self Watering Individual Herb Planters

4 inch self watering herb planters

If you’re likely to forget to water your herbs, this is the ideal windowsill planter set for you. They can store enough water to last for up to a week so it’s much easier for you to grow your herbs. It “self waters” the plants through a cotton rope that sits inside it, soaking up water and essentially drip feeding your herbs slowly. It’s made from plastic with a gloss finish, so it’s really easy to clean them once you’ve finished growing your herbs. 

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Vintage Galvanized Steel Herb Planters

vintage galvanized steel herb planters ideal for your windowsill with a drip tray

Made from galvanized steel, these planters have a real high quality feel to them. They’re designed in a rustic farmhouse style. It has handles on both sides of the drip tray so you can easily transport your herbs to another windowsill. With them being designed the way they are, it really allows the greenery to have a big visual impact and create a natural feeling environment in your home.

Check price on Amazon

Modern Style Steel Herb Box

modern style, white, steel herb planter box

This is a contemporary style herb planter that fits perfectly on any windowsill. It’s made from high grade stainless steel and each seam is welded shut to prevent water leakage.

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The clean design makes your herbs stand out, the greenery contrasts really well against the white steel. There is quite a bit of weight to it, giving testament to the build quality. Plus it prevents your children from knocking it over should you have it in an area they can get their hands on it.

Check price on Amazon

GardenBasix Self-Watering Herb Garden

GardenBasix indoor herb planter ideal for windowsills

The best thing about this indoor herb planter, aside from the fact that it sits perfectly on your windowsill is that it has an exposed water level reader. It gives you an indication on whether or not the plants need to be watered, it helps stop you soaking the roots. You also get six discs of coconut coir (fibre), this helps retain moisture and more nutrients than regular potting soil. It’s also more breathable so there’s less chance of root rot occurring.

Check price on Amazon

Growing Too Much Too Fast?

It’s not uncommon to grow far more than you need. But don’t worry as it’s not too much of an issue. There are solutions for this, so you don’t have to waste anything. Here’s what I tend to do with mine when I’ve got more than I need:

  • Give to family/friends
  • Do some meal prep
  • Store the herbs for long term
  • Freeze your herbs

With the final two options, there are a few different techniques to these. I’ve written up a complete guide on how you can store your herbs, plus some tips on which herbs you can freeze.


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