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  • Reblooming Orchids: How Often Do Orchids Bloom?
    Orchids have adorned homes and gardens since ancient times and have a full, rich history of various myths, tales and legends. Orchids are beautiful but very particular flowers. It takes tenacity, patience and attention detail that most other plants do […]
  • How To Propagate A Gollum Jade
    Gollum jades are beautiful succulent plants that can be a welcome addition to any home-growers collection. It has unique finger-like green leaves that branch out from the body of the plant. Gollum jades can easily be propagated once they are […]
  • How To Propagate A String Of Hearts
    The string of hearts plant, or Ceropegia Woodii, is arguably one of the most beautiful plants out there. With their adorable heart-shaped leaves and long, tangling vines, these plants are the perfect decorative addition to your home. However, these vines […]
  • 5 Reasons Why Orchids Fail To Bloom Indoors
    Orchids are exquisite and have thousands of different varieties. These qualities make them very desired among houseplant enthusiasts. However, orchids can sometimes be tricky to grow indoors because each type requires slightly different care. There are plenty of orchid varieties […]
  • How to Keep Tall Plants From Falling Over
    One of your eldest plants has started leaning precariously to the side…what if you wake up one day to find it toppled over! You don’t want to risk injuring those limbs and having to start all over.  So, how do […]
  • Caring for Longevity Spinach: A Complete Growing Guide
    The health benefits of green, leafy spinaches are widespread and well-known. It’s no surprise that yet another type of spinach is gaining popularity for indoor and outdoor gardeners alike, especially when you take into consideration how easy it is to […]

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