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  • How to Care for a Scindapsus Treubii
    Introduction  The Scindapsus Treubii plants sound exotic and mysterious, with variety names such as “Moonlight” and “Dark form”. While they sound otherworldly and are somewhat rare, caring for both varieties of this plant are achievable for novice plant owners as […]
  • Hoya Lacunosa: A Comprehensive Care Guide
    Hoya lacunosa belongs to a relatively large Hoya genus of plants. Cinnamon-scented wax plant, waxflower, or porcelain flower are common names for this plant.  Originating in Asia and most commonly found in Malaysia and Indonesia, it is a gorgeous vine […]
  • Caring for a Black Diamond Crape Myrtle
    Introduction If you’re looking for a stunning plant that will grow in all sorts of climates and circumstances, the black diamond crape myrtle is perfect for you. They come in a variety of different colors, and have rich, burgundy foliage […]
  • How to Care for a Trachyandra Tortilis
    It is better to grow your Trachyandra Tortilis indoors, in a room with plenty of bright indirect light and good ventilation. Make sure to use well-draining sandy soil and adjust the watering schedule according to the season. This succulent is […]
  • Sedirea Japonica – Complete Care Guide
    Introduction Have you got a Sedirea japonica that you need help caring for? These orchids are breathtakingly beautiful and have very gorgeous flowers. They are also a wonderfully small houseplant to grow indoors, so if you’re short on space, they […]
  • How to care for a Dischidia ovata
    Watermelon Dischidia (Dischidia ovata) Also called the Watermelon Dischidia, these hardy plants thrive in tropical or temperate climates with humidity levels between 40-90%. They grow in a diverse temperature range from 55-90°F and require little watering in cooler months. Fertilize […]

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