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  • Complete Care Guide for Alocasia Frydeks
    The Alocasia Frydek (Alocasia micholitziana “Frydek”), also known as Alocasia Green Velvet or occasionally African Mask, has become a popular choice for many home gardeners. Frydeks are bulbous plants, technically known as rhizomatous perennials. They sprout bulbs with or without […]
  • Complete Care Guide for Calathea Medallion
    The Calathea Medallion (Calathea veitchiana) is a favorite of house plant enthusiasts. Their leaves fold up slightly in the evening, as if in prayer – causing them to be mistaken for Prayer Plants at times. They are “low-light” tropical plants […]
  • Complete Care Guide for an Orange Philodendron
    Orange Philodendrons can be a wonderful addition to your garden, home or office. They are hardy plants that do not require more than basic care and common-sense precautions. Their vivacious colors, ranging from bright yellow, orange, and salmon to green, […]
  • How To Water Indoor Plants With Coffee
    Indoor plants add some beautiful greenery to your home, but they need certain nutrients to keep their healthy color. Knowing how to water indoor plants with coffee can help with this. Coffee contains an excellent source of nitrogen and other […]
  • Is Misting Good for Indoor Plants?
    There have been some incredible things that have come out of the invention of the internet. We can watch anything we like, listen to anything we choose, and read to our heart’s content. And yet, there are a few downsides […]
  • Can A Regular Light Bulb Help Plants Grow?
    All plants get their energy through a process called photosynthesis. Plant cells can absorb light and convert it into energy used for growth and repair. Of course the best source of light is the sun. But, can regular light bulbs […]

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