Can Indoor Plants Survive Outside?

Houseplants, or indoor plants, make a wonderful addition to any home and, what’s more, there are health benefits to having a few plants around. But did you know that some houseplants can be put outside during summer and that some will actually benefit from a little summer vacation? What is an indoor plant? Houseplants, or […]

How to Care for Cyclamen Indoors (Complete Guide)

Often given as gifts, and seemingly simple to care for, cyclamens can be surprisingly fussy. Taking a bit of time to get a better understanding of their quirks and needs will help you to get the best out of what they have to offer. This guide will give you all the information you need to enable your […]

How To Propagate A String Of Hearts

The string of hearts plant, or Ceropegia Woodii, is arguably one of the most beautiful plants out there. With their adorable heart-shaped leaves and long, tangling vines, these plants are the perfect decorative addition to your home. However, these vines can grow cumbersomely long. How can you go about propagating a string of hearts so […]

How To Care For Monkey Face Orchids (Dracula Simia) – Complete Guide

The Monkey Face Orchid is an incredibly unique ornamental plant originating from the high cloud-filled forests of South America. As you might’ve guessed, the blossom appears like a miniature monkey face, making this a fun home gardening challenge with some adorable results.  This complete care guide will provide you with all you need to know […]