How to Select Soil for Avocado Tree- 5 Pro Tips

Avocado trees have shallow roots. Its feeder roots are in the first six inches of soil. They require excellent aeration to thrive and a lot of garden space. They need full sun to produce large fruits, and the soil is the most important factor for fruit growth.

They can be grown both in a garden, yard, or as an indoor container plant. Each way of planting them comes with special considerations when it comes to the needs of the soil.

Top 10 Kitchen Plants- Ideal Houseplants that Thrive in the Kitchen

Every room benefits from that bright pop of greenery. A kitchen is a place where we spend most of our time and is considered the heart of the home. It stands to reason that it should be bright and inviting to be in. So, why not brighten up this space or put in some calming effects with kitchen plants!

Plants are awesome at purifying the air and reducing air pollutants. Some studies conclude that plants may boost creativity, too, which may inspire you to create a new recipe or improve an existing one.

Brown Spots on Fiddle Leaf Fig- What’s Wrong and What Should You Do

It can be difficult to pinpoint why your Fiddle Leaf Fig tree has brown spots. There are numerous reasons as to why this may be occurring, and fixing them can be challenging. You can identify the cause of a brown spot by considering the location, care routine, and coloring, finding a solution is easier.

If you recently purchased a Fiddle Leaf Fig houseplant and have witnessed brown spots, monitor it for a while to see if they worsen or spread. Often, spots generated from past issues will not require any action providing they do not spread because care issues may have caused the brown spots.

Plants in the Bathroom- Cactus Bathroom Décor Ideas & Tips

Cacti thrive in warm, moist settings. Therefore, the bathroom is the perfect location for this houseplant. A cactus plant provides that splash of green in a bathroom space and, depending on the variety, may come in other colors, too, making them ideal when paired with any color bathroom. Here are some ways to integrate cactus bathroom decor.

15 Stunning Colorful Indoor Plants That You Will Love

Plants are a wonderful way to add that splash of color and vibrancy to any room. They can be selected to tie in with existing décor or be used as an accent color to liven up any space. Before selecting a plant, make sure to consider which way the room is facing and how much sun it receives, as this will factor into your final selection.

Indoor Vining House Plants- How to Grow Climbing Plants at Home

Houseplants add that splash of color to any room. It also brings a bit of the outdoors inside. Growing vines on the outside of the home provides an estate-like, old-school appearance, they can be grown indoors as well. They are great in adding color to the border of a room or just for decoration. Indoor vining house plants add just that touch of sophistication to any room.

8 Window Plants that Thrive in the Sun

If you are looking for an indoor plant to decorate that sunny spot in your home, there are quite a variety of house plants that thrive in direct light. From vibrant-looking flowers to green, leafy foliage, there is something special to compliment your space.

Choose an indoor plant for your home according to which way the room is facing to get those best suited for your lighting. Window plants that thrive in the sun won’t just survive in direct sun but thrive in it.

Types of Indoor Ferns- Top Varieties You Can Grow Indoors

Ferns were popular in the Victorian era and garnered the name Pteridomania, which included gathering ferns or utilizing them in pottery/textiles. Slavic traditions incorporated this plant as anyone who views this rare flower as rich and happy for life. Finnish people say those who hold a fern seed on a midsummer night can move invisibly to find treasure.

In the United States, they ward off evil spirits when thrown into burning coals.

Today, ferns purify the air, remove formaldehyde/xylene, and improve sleep quality. They may help relieve headaches as well. An indoor fern is a versatile plant that can grow in both very small and large spaces.