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Top 10 Unusual & Exotic House Plants to Grow Indoors

Plants to Grow Indoors

If you want a plant that is different from the ordinary houseplants you. see, then consider adding exotic plants to your space. These houseplants are rare, and you may not find them in your everyday, run-of-the-mill store. However, if you want something unusual, these plants are the way to go.

Desert Rose

3 Different Desert Rose Succulent Plants

This house plant originates from the deserts of Africa and the Middle East. While flowering, it adds a brilliant pop of color. It does well when watered occasionally, however, ensuring the soil is dry before watering.

When the weather is warm, move it outdoors to a patio to encourage it to grow more.

Banana Shrub

9GreenBox - Fragrant Michelia Figo "Banana Shrub"

This unique plant has medium green leaves and a yellow flower. While it isn’t from the banana family, as the name suggests, it is from the Magnolia species of plants. It was coined as a banana shrub because the fragrance of the flowers is reminiscent of bananas.

They thrive in a south-facing window that receives ample light. East and west-facing windows will suffice as well. The soil should be dry between watering and refrain from overwatering it as they can receive root disease.

Pencil Cactus

Euphorbia Tirucalli Pencil Cactus Cacti Succulent Real Live Plant

This unusually shaped cactus looks exactly like its name- a pencil. The plant does give off a milky sap that is toxic to pets.

Put it in a sunny spot (southern window). Water is only a few times each month and saturates the soil thoroughly until water drains out the bottom of your pot.

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Black Bat Flower

Tacca chantrieri  Bat Flower

While it sounds eerie, it is a strangely beautiful plant. It has black flowers with spindles growing from it. It blooms from late summer to fall.

Since it’s a tropical plant, it does not do well in temperatures below 60°F. Refrain from placing it in direct sun, and it will do well on a northern window. Do not overwater it, and allow the soil to completely dry between watering.

Night Blooming Jasmine

Yellow Night Blooming Jasmine

The Night Blooming Jasmine is fragrant with dark green leaves and small white, star-shaped flowers. When the flowers open at night, they give off a rich, romantic smell. When the weather is warm, they require extra watering. Make sure the soil is dry before giving it water.

This plant loves the sun, so you should place it by a southern window or a sunny area.

Madagascan Palm

Pachypodium Lamerei Rare Madagascar Palm Plant Cactus Cacti Caudex Bonsai

This plant has waxy green leaves, thick stems, and bright yellow flowers. It can appear to be very prehistoric in appearance. The Madagascan Palm thrives when it receives a good amount of sunlight and has well-drained soil.

It is very easy to grow the plant, and it is perfect for beginners.

Pyramid Bamboo

Brussel's Live Lucky Pyramid Bamboo

The Pyramid Bamboo is an interesting bamboo tree that’s supposed to bring luck and good cheer to your space. They are easy to grow and will grow up to nine inches in the pot.

You can place this pot indoors or outdoors, but according to Eastern spiritualism, you should keep it inside. This plant is also said to bring harmony and financial security to the home, and you should place it in the “financial corner” or southeastern corner of the home.

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Stromanthe Tri-Color

Stromanthe Tri Color Ginger Live Plant

The Stromanthe is a beautiful, eye-catching plant. It has large green leaves with hints of cream and pink, and the underside is a beautiful shade of pinkish purple. While young, you can place this plant on a coffee table. However, once it grows (slowly) it becomes large enough to use as a floor plant.

It should be grown in a medium to light place indoors. As it receives more light, the better the different colors will show. During the hot summer, it may require a bit of protection from sun exposure to prevent it from burning.

It needs to be regularly watered- just when the soil begins to dry. Do not let it fully dry otherwise, the plant will start to die.

The humidity should be above average and needs to be kept away from drafts. This houseplant grows faster when it is fed. If you fertilize it, do it in the spring or summer months.


Stephanotis floribunda Madagascar Jasmine

Stephanotis is a beautiful and elegant flower that provides an alluring fragrance. It has white blossoms and is a vine. You can train it to climb bookshelves or go over doorposts or keep it in a hanging basket.

This plant is very easy to grow as all it requires is a bright place (the more light, the better the bloom) and water when the top two inches are dry. Generally, this is only every 10-14 days or once a week. Temperature, light, and humidity will all play a role when it comes to watering.

If you are pruning it, make sure you place an old rag underneath it as it will give off a milky-white sap when cut.

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Little Swiss Monstera

PlantVine Monstera adansonii, Monstera Plant

This trendy houseplant has arrow-shaped leaves and dramatic holes that help it to earn its “swiss cheese” name. The Little Swiss Monstera grows at a medium to fast pace and is a vine. While young, you can place it on a tabletop. As it matures, though, it needs to climb. This plant does exceedingly well in bright, warm climates. With age, it grows up to 24 inches long.

It needs medium to bright indirect sunlight. If the light is too low, it will go lanky, long, and require extra pruning to maintain fullness. It can, however, grow well under artificial lights.

The Little Swiss becomes very sensitive if overwatered. Water it when the first two inches of the potting mix are dry.

Above-average humidity helps it thrive but can also withstand moderate conditions. It should be fertilized during the spring or summertime, and if you want fuller growth, pinch back new growth to get it to branch.

This plant is toxic so keep it away from pets and children.

From plants that look like swiss cheese to pencils, these plants are a unique conversation piece unto themselves. Whether you are looking for unique, rare, or fragrant, these plants will not disappoint.

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