Philodendron Pedatum Care Guide

Introduction Philodendron plants are popular houseplants for a number of reasons. They are beautiful, hardy, and highly impressive climbers that can fill a room with rich, luxurious greenery. Their lovely leaves are perfect for adding a touch of nature to any room, and they are low maintenance and easy to care for as well. The […]

Hoya Rotundiflora for Beginners

Introduction Houseplants help improve our moods, replenish our homes with clean oxygen, and even add to the ambiance of an environment. Today, the choices for houseplants have shifted away from the ordinary to reveal a global market full of unique and exciting plants. The challenge as burgeoning green thumb is to find plants that will […]

How to Care for a Hoya Lacunosa

Introduction A Hoya lacunosa is a very beautiful vine plant, which comes from the Indonesian Islands and is becoming a popular houseplant. You can get variegated and frosty leaved varieties, too, and it has amazing blooms with a rich cinnamon scent. Its little white flowers are very dainty. It blooms throughout the year, and it […]

How to Care for a Hoya Macrophylla

Introduction Also known as wax plants, Hoya macrophylla have become very popular houseplants in recent years, and a lot of people want to know how to care for them more effectively. They are a great, low-maintenance plant with beautiful vines and tendrils that branch upward. They can grow more than two meters tall, so if […]

How to Care for a Begonia pavonina

Introduction Begonia pavonina, also known as the peacock begonia, is quite rightly famous in the plant world for its phenomenal coloration. With splendid blue leaves that have a metallic shimmer when the light hits them, they are showy and look amazing. If you can offer the right growing conditions, they will make a fabulous addition […]

How to Care for a Peperomia Prostrata

Introduction Peperomia prostrata is a gorgeous plant that is native to Brazil and has become popular worldwide due to its lovely foliage and hardiness. These plants do not need a huge amount of care and attention, and they look stunning trailing across bookcases or down from windowsills. They have a variety of other names, such […]