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Raven ZZ Plant Care: Everything You Need to Know

Raven ZZ Plant Care

Is your indoor garden looking a little too green? If you’re looking for a new plant to add to your home but want one with a bold and different look, you’ve come to the right place.

Today, we’re going to talk about the Raven ZZ plant. This houseplant is dark and mysterious but also very simple to take care of. It’s an easy addition to any home and a great way to make a statement. Before you know it, your Raven ZZ will become your favorite plant.

Keep reading to learn all about Raven ZZ plant care and find out why this houseplant deserves a spot in the home of any plant lover.

Raven ZZ Plant 101

You may already know about the ZZ (Zamioculcas zamiifolia) plant and its hearty, waxy, yet smooth leaves. Well, Raven ZZ plants aren’t too different, other than the color of their leaves. Raven ZZs have a “black foliage,” which in reality is a dark green and purple hue. The plant’s color deepens as it matures.

ZZ plants are native to Africa and are able to cope with irregular circumstances, including infrequent waterings. These indoor plants began being propagated in the 1990s and have increased in popularity ever since.

Raven ZZ plants start off looking like regular ZZ plants, but within a few months, you’ll notice their leaves darken into a deep purple. As mentioned, Raven ZZ plants are easy to take care of. They’re also easy to find and are readily available from Costa Farms.

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Let’s talk more about what’s involved with Raven ZZ plant care.

Raven ZZ Plant Care

Raven ZZ plants really only need basic care, making them perfect for beginner plant parents or people who aren’t often home.

There are three key aspects to Raven ZZ plant care:

  • Enough light
  • Good soil drainage
  • Proper watering

Here’s everything you need to know about Raven ZZ plant care.


Like many other similar plants, Raven ZZ plants like bright, indirect sunlight. Make sure not to place this houseplant too close to a window, as having the sun directly hitting a Raven ZZ leaf may cause it to burn. Instead, keep your Raven ZZ in a bright room that receives a lot of natural light but is away from the sun’s path.

If anything, err on the side of less light. Raven ZZ plants can survive in low light conditions, but it may not grow as quickly as it would in optimal light conditions. Monitor your Raven ZZ plant to determine whether it would do better in a brighter spot.


The one aspect of Raven ZZ plant care that is particular is the choice of soil. Make sure that you choose soil that is porous and lightweight for your Raven ZZ plant. This is key to ensuring that your Raven ZZ plant gets enough water but doesn’t end up getting oversaturated.

If you’re making your own soil mixture, take the regular soil that you already have and cut it with another quick-draining substance, such as cactus or perlite mix.

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What’s more, make sure you plant your Raven ZZ plant in a pot with drainage holes, which will allow for excess water to exit the pot instead of waterlogging the roots and putting them at risk for rot.


For many plant owners, watering is the trickiest part of plant care. However, watering Raven ZZ plants is actually quite simple, as it doesn’t require too much attention, and this houseplant is very forgiving if you forget to water it for a few days.

Raven ZZ plants are used to a dry climate, so they really don’t need to be watered that often. This means that you run more of a risk of overwatering your Raven ZZ plant than not watering it enough. In fact, it’s best to give it some time to dry out between waterings; overwatering is probably one of the most common ways of accidentally killing Raven ZZ plants. Too much water drowns the plant and may cause disease or root rot.

To check if your Raven ZZ plant needs water, press two fingers into the top of the soil to feel whether it’s dry or still moist. If the first two inches of the topsoil is dry, it’s safe to water it.

As the Raven ZZ plant doesn’t need a lot of water, it can also survive in areas of low humidity, making it a great plant for those who live in dry climates.

As mentioned, your Raven ZZ plant should be in a pot with drainage holes. Water your plant until you begin to see the water come out of those drainage holes. Raven ZZ plants can store a good amount of water and let the rest evaporate. You only need to check if your Raven ZZ plant needs watering about once a week.

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Compared to other plants, Raven ZZ plants don’t grow very quickly. This means that you won’t have to prune your Raven ZZ plant very often.

However, if you do choose to undergo leaf cutting with your ZZ plant, whether it be to slow the growth or give it a new look, make sure you use a sharp pair of scissors or garden shears. If you prune your plant because it looks leggy, you may need to find a brighter spot for it.


Raven ZZ plants are one of the trendiest house plants available these days. Luckily, they’re also easy to take care of. The main part of Raven ZZ plant care that you have to pay special attention to is the watering, but your plant will survive as long as you don’t drown it.

The Raven ZZ plant is a great choice for beginners and will get any plant aficionado excited. This stunning dark plant will stand out among your green plant collection and make any room more interesting.

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