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How To Keep Plants Cool In Summer Indoors – Summer Plant Care

Summer Plant Care

Plants, just like most other living things, can suffer from too much sun and extreme heat. That is why it is extremely important you know all the ways to keep them cool during the hot summer months.

You can keep your plants feeling refreshed this summer by providing plenty of water, placing them in a cool and aerated space, keeping them away from the windows when the sun is at its hottest, only opening your windows at night, and more.

Here, we will provide some excellent professional tips and tricks to keep your plants cool in the hot weather.

8 Tips for Summer Plant Care

Many plant owners are constantly scouring the internet in search of great, simple tricks and solutions to keep their flowers growing strong even in the hottest temperatures, especially those with gardens growing indoors.

Luckily for you, we have all you need to know to keep your favorite flowers vibrant and beautiful all season long. All you have to do is follow our lead and put in a little extra work to provide added TLC during the hot and humid summer. 

1. Water Thoroughly

The hotter it gets, the quicker the water will begin to absorb into the soil of your pot, requiring you to water your flowers more often. While you want to ensure your plants are getting plenty of hydration, keep in mind that too much water can be just as damaging. 

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During the hot and humid months, you always want to check the soil of your plants to ensure there is plenty of moisture available, keeping their roots cool and watered. If the soil feels dry, provide a nice drink.

The best time to water plants during the summer months is first thing in the morning before the sun comes out. If your plant sits by the window, you don’t want to risk soaking the leaves as the extreme heat can scorch them.

2. Offer a Good Spritzing

If your plants are not in direct sunlight, keep a spray bottle close by and give your flowers a little squirt now and then to help keep them from overheating and provide a little extra hydration in extremely hot temperatures.

A nice mist is especially useful on indoor plants that love a little humidity, such as succulents. Giving them an extra spritz or two throughout the day can truly enhance their growth. 

You may also want to consider adding a tray underneath your plant’s pot, letting it sit atop a saucerful of tiny rocks covered in a pool of water; this will provide a little extra moisture to keep it cool.

3. Run a Fan (or Two)

Keeping the air cool in the summer can easily be accomplished with an air conditioner or a basic fan. To keep the room from becoming overly hot or stale, setting up a few fans can keep the air circulating and will keep your plants cool.

If you keep plants in an office or bedroom where fans and air conditioners are typically shut off for long periods, it may be a good idea to relocate them while you are away to keep them from dying. 

4. Keep Windows Open at Night

Indoor plant

Many people leave their windows open during the day to let the fresh air in. During those days that are hotter than normal, it is better to keep them closed and only open them at night when the air is much cooler. 

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This will cool the soil down and allow your plant to breathe much better than when it is hot and stuffy.

5. Be Alert

Staying alert and watching for signs and symptoms of your indoor plants overheating is one of the best ways to keep them cool. 

There are a handful of signs that are big red flags, and if you notice any of them, you should take immediate action.

  • Yellow or brown leaves
  • Wilting leaves
  • Pale, yellow, or brown leaves
  • Brown patches or roughness due to scorching
  • Leaves and flowers dropping from the stem

6. Don’t Repot

Another great tip to consider during the summer when taking care of indoor plants is to avoid repotting until the end of the season when the temperatures start to drop. 

Repotting any plant is already really stressful; adding extra stress by doing this when it is hot out may simply be too much for your flowers, and they may not be able to recover. 

7. Hold Off on Fertilizing

It is best to fertilize your plants during the spring and summertime. However, if the temperatures are extremely high, avoid fertilizing for a few days until things start to cool down.

If you notice that your plants already seem like they are under stress, wait until the end of the season to add fertilizer, as this formula will only stress them out more and can cause more harm than good.

8. Pull Away From the Window

Most of the time, we suggest keeping your summer flowers in front of the window where they can access plenty of natural light. But, on days where the sun is super bright, especially around noon, you may want to consider moving them from that space.

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Sometimes your plants need a break from the direct heat, even the ones that are typically all right to face the sunlight most other days.

If you want to keep your natural beauties nice and cool, find them a cooler location in the home to give them a little reprieve for a few hours or until the sun goes down.

Things to Consider

Some products on the market can help keep your plant cool during the hot and humid months of summer. We’ve recommended a few that work great for this. 

Indoor Watering Systems

Multiple indoor self-watering systems will keep your plants hydrated on a strict schedule. This is perfect if you take a lot of summer trips or have plants inside the office.

Indoor Cooling Fans

Instead of using your personal fan just to keep your flowers cold, you can purchase a cooling fan specifically designed to keep your indoor plants at a comfortable temperature so they will stay nice and cool all summer long. 

Plant Mist Bottles

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Technically you can use just about any spray bottle to mist cool water onto your plants at any time. But why not keep some fun and interesting ones on hand that will add a little aesthetics to your home as well as take care of your potted flowers?

Summing Things Up

Just because the weather is hot doesn’t mean your plants have to suffer. There are many ways to keep your indoor garden nice and cool, even during long stints of scorching hot days. 

If you follow the simple tools and tips above, you won’t have to worry about losing your indoor beauty in a summer heat wave.