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How to Care for Dracaena Gold Star Indoor Plant – All You Need to Know

Care for Dracaena Gold Star Indoor Plant

Dracaenas are one of the most popular indoor plants around, and they have been for a while. You may not be able to recognize them by name, but you’ll know a dracaena plant when you see one.

Dracaena plants are probably one of the most common plants you see in commercial spaces, as they’re easy to look at and fill up space very well. The Dracaena Gold Star is a popular type of Dracaena, and it’s also one of the most beautiful species of the genus. It makes a great indoor plant and is worth considering adding to your plant collection.

Dracaena Gold Star Plant – The Basics

The Dracaena Gold Star is a plant that you’ll see on patios and indoors alike. It’s characterized by its leaves, which are a blue-green color with lime-green edges and white stripes.

Their leaves are the shape of a sword and glossy, and they rest on dark green stems. They become quite long and drape over the stem. The leaves of this plant become quite abundant and dramatic as they mature.

The Dracaena Gold Star is an upright-standing plant with a relatively coarse texture and dense foliage all the way to the ground. At maturity, it can grow to be five feet tall and 24 inches wide. This plant is native to Northern Africa but is highly adaptable to different climates, which makes it relatively easy to take care of.

How to Take Care of a Dracaena Gold Star

Taking care of the Dracaena Gold Star is not unlike taking care of other Dracaena plants in that it doesn’t require a lot of maintenance.

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The Dracaena Gold Star is known for being a great plant for beginners, as it is simple to take care of. You can even say that it thrives on neglect. Even so, it’s important to understand the needs of the Dracaena Gold Star in order to ensure its survival and allow it to continually grow.

Here are the key elements to know about caring for your Dracaena Gold Star.

Water and Humidity

Although the Dracaena Gold Star does look like a tropical plant that you’d find in a rainforest, the opposite is true.

Like other Dracaena plants, your Dracaena Gold Star doesn’t need a lot of water. They can’t tolerate wet soil for too long, so it’s important to make sure you don’t overwater them.

Overwatering your Dracaena Gold Star may put it at risk for root rot. You should only water your plant when the soil feels dry. To check whether your Dracaena Gold Star needs to be watered, stick your finger into the top inch of the soil to see how dry it is.

There should be no moisture in this top layer in order for you to water your Dracaena Gold Star. Otherwise, give it another day or two to dry out.

Use a pot with drainage holes and thoroughly water your Dracaena Gold Star until the water appears at the bottom. Discard any excess water at the bottom right away.

Average humidity is good enough for Dracaena Gold Star plants, but they can benefit from occasional misting as well if your plant seems to dry. If you live in a very dry climate, consider getting a humidifier to add some moisture in the air. If you live somewhere humid, there’s no need for this step. In fact, you’ll probably need to water your Dracaena Gold Star plant less often. In general, this routine will lead to watering your Dracaena Gold Star about once a week, or maybe even once every two weeks. However, it may be more or less depending on the type of climate you live in and how much light your Dracaena Gold Star gets.

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Dracaena Gold Star plants prefer bright, indirect sunlight. However, they also do well in low light conditions, which is better for them than too much direct sunlight.

As with other similar plants, an excess of direct sunlight will scorch your Dracaena Gold Star’s leaves. At the same time, not enough light will slow its growth and impact the quality of the leaves, so it’s important to find a middle ground if you want your Dracaena Gold Star to thrive. If it isn’t possible to find the perfect light conditions, err on the side of low light.

Soil and Fertilizer

Since it isn’t a big fan of excess water, make sure that you use loose, well-draining soil that dries quickly for your Dracaena Gold Star. This not only ensures that your plant only absorbs the water it needs, but that it also has proper aeration for the roots.

You can buy a well-draining soil mix, or you can make your own using your normal soil mix and sand or mulch.

In addition to good-quality soil, you may want to add fertilizer. However, be careful not to over-fertilize your Dracaena Gold Star, as some fertilizers contain large amounts of fluoride, which could be damaging to your houseplant. If you do choose to feed your plant, add fertilizer to its soil about once a month during the spring and summer, and less often in the colder months. Use diluted liquid fertilizer for best results.


The Dracaena Gold Star is a stunning plant that adds character to any room it’s in. Its long, dramatic, striped leaves give it a unique look, and it’s easier to take care of than it looks.

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This low-maintenance plant is the perfect choice for beginners, or for those who tend to (unintentionally) neglect their plants. It can handle a few missed waterings, and it adapts well to different settings, making it a great addition to your living space.