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Peace Lily Leaves Turning Brown – What Should You Do?

Peace Lily Leaves Turning Brown

Peace lilies are known for their simple yet aesthetically pleasing look. Their white bract leaf (the part that is commonly mistaken as the flower) contrasts strikingly well with the rest of the plant’s dark green and shiny leaves. So, when parts of your peace lily become discolored, it’s noticeable.

There will be times that your peace lily’s leaves turn yellow or even brown. There are several reasons for this to occur, from natural age to issues with watering. Whatever the reason for your peace lily plant’s discoloration, there’s a way to fix it.

Keep reading to find out what to do when you notice that your peace lily leaves are turning brown, and how you can prevent it from happening to any peace lily leaf in the future.

Peace Lily – The Basics

The spathiphyllum plant, also known as the peace lily, is a common household plant. It is probably most recognized for its white “flower” that covers half of the plant. In reality, what most people think is a flower is actually leaf bract. A peace lily’s flowers are actually that cluster that you see in front of the bract.

The peace lily is native to the rainforests of Colombia and Venezuela, meaning that it’s a tropical plant. It was first introduced in Europe in the late 19th century and quickly became a hit. Since then, it has been a popular houseplant that can be found throughout offices and other commercial spaces.

Don’t be fooled by how beautiful these plants are. Peace lilies are not as difficult to take care of as you might think. In fact, peace lilies are amongst the easiest plants to care for. That being said, you may encounter issues with your peace lily plant from time to time, such as brown leaves or yellow leaves on your indoor plant.

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Let’s take a look at how peace lily leaves can start to brown.

Peace Lily Leaves Turning Brown – The Causes

A healthy peace lily should have glossy green leaves throughout. So, if you notice brown spots on your peace lily, even if it’s just on the tip of the indoor plant, it may be cause for concern.

Here are some common reasons for peace lily leaves to turn brown:


Improper watering is one of the most common reasons for peace lily leaves to turn brown. The tricky part is that it could be that your peace lily is getting too little water or too much water.

Too little water may cause your peace lily to become dehydrated, leading to the tips of the leaves becoming dry and turning brown. Likewise, overwatering is just as bad for your peace lily and its roots, and it produces the same effect.


Peace lilies are tropical plants, so they love moisture and need enough of it to survive. Just as is the case with underwatering your peace lily, if it doesn’t get enough moisture, your indoor plant will become dehydrated.

You don’t have to turn your home into a tropical paradise in order to foster a good environment for your peace lily. However, you should avoid making its environment any drier than it already is, which means keeping your peace lily away from areas such as heat vents.


As mentioned, peace lilies are easy to take care of. They only really become needy when they’re thirsty, which is when you’ll notice them begin to dramatically droop. With that in mind, they don’t really need to be fertilized often, if at all. Excessive fertilizer may result in yellowing leaves on your peace lily plant.

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Now that you know the causes of browning peace lily leaves, let’s talk about how to prevent this from occurring.

How to Prevent Peace Lily Leaves Turning Brown

There are several reasons that your peace lily leaves turn brown, but there are just as many ways to prevent this from happening.

By paying closer attention to how you care for your peace lily plant and changing some of your habits, you’ll help your peace lily leaves remain green and vibrant throughout the year.

Make sure your peace lily gets the right amount of light

Light is a big part of every plant’s survival, so it’s important to make sure that your peace lily’s light conditions are good.

Peace lilies like bright, indirect sunlight. A little bit of morning sunlight is alright, but the intense afternoon sun puts your peace lily’s leaves at risk of turning brown and burning.

Place your peace lily near a window with bright indirect sunlight, such as a north-facing window. If you need to choose between too much light and low light, err on the side of low light.

Only water your peace lily when it needs it

Keep your peace lily’s soil moist but avoid causing it to become waterlogged. Soggy soil not only turns your peace lily’s leaves brown, but it also promotes root rot, which can bring on your peace lily’s demise.

To figure out whether your peace lily needs to be watered, check the surface of the soil with your finger. If the surface is still moist, your peace lily is good for at least another day. If the soil is dry, it’s time to water your peace lily.

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Of course, peace lilies are notorious for letting you know they need to be watered, as they tend to droop when dehydrated. This obvious indication of dehydration helps you avoid underwatering your peace lily and causing its leaves to turn brown.

Sometimes it just needs some pruning

Although your peace lily’s leaves should always be green and vibrant, some of the leaves tend to lose their color as your plant ages. If you see certain leaves begin to turn yellow or brown, or generally look dead, it may be time to prune your peace lily.

Pruning peace lilies is easy, as long as you have a good pair of shears. Make sure you prune the old leaves at the base so as to not damage your peace lily and encourage new growth. Also, be sure to prune your peace lily’s flower when it dies.


Peace lilies are an easy plant to take care of, but like all plants, problems tend to arise. Peace lily leaves turning brown is often caused by improper watering, but it might also be determined based on the overall care you put into your peace lily.

Preventing peace lily leaves from turning brown can be a simple fix. Once you address the problem, you’ll set your peace lily up for optimal growth.