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How Fast Do Areca Palms Grow?

Areca Palm

If you own an Areca Palm, like I do, then you’re probably curious as to how fast it will grow and how long it will take until it reaches its full size. Knowing this information helps you decide on what location will be best for the plant and what you can place around it. So, how fast do Areca Palms grow?

Areca Palms are a fast growing plant, they grow around 5 – 10 inches each year until they reach their mature height. The height can vary depending on growing conditions and the amount of space the palm has but it is usually around 7 feet when grown indoors.

Growing your Areca Palm to its full potential will happen quicker than you realise, especially if you follow our tips on how to grow it faster. Make sure you check them out below!

Areca Palms Growth Rate

There’s quite a few influential factors over the growth rate of Areca Palms but typically they will grow at an annual rate of 5 – 10 inches. However, once they’ve reached their maximum height of around 7 feet they will stop growing altogether. It will take a few years for it to reach it’s mature height but you can trim the leaves down if you wish to control the rate of growth. If you want to know what influences the rate of growth, keep reading.

What Can Slow Down Areca Palm Growth?

Whilst they are a fast growing plant, it can still suffer from stunted growth through improper care and neglect. Here’s some of the common mistakes that people make when caring for Areca Palms.

Incorrect Light Balance

Areca palms are quite fussy when it comes to the amount of light they need. You want to ensure that it’s getting plenty of sunlight, this can be achieved by placing it in a south or west facing window. However, there’s a fine line with this as too much direct sunlight will cause the leaves to yellow, essentially burning them. On the other hand, too much shade and the leaves will begin to droop and brown.

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Poor Draining Soil

If you’re not using soil that drains well then there is a high chance that you will encounter root rot in  and this will have a significant impact on the growth rate of your Areca palm. Root rot occurs when you’re overwatering your plant and the soil is holding in too much moisture. You can avoid this problem by ensuring there’s plenty of material such as gravel or stones mixed into your soil to allow excess water to drain easily.


Another common mistake is underwatering the plant, often people are so scared of overwatering it that they neglect it and end up doing the complete opposite. This will slow down growth significantly. The main sign that your Areca Palm is being underwatered will be yellowing leaves (assuming you’re not leaving it in direct sunlight), but by watering it more frequently you’ll find that the plant will be back to its full health in no time at all.

Low Humidity

This plant thrives in humid environments, but it will usually adapt to the typical home environment after a short period of time. However, if the tips of leaves are starting to brown then this is a sign that the air is too dry for your Areca Palm. This can be resolved by spraying the plant with water occasionally just to keep the leaves slightly moist. Doing this will bring life back to your plant and leave the leaves looking greener and fuller.

How Fast Do Areca Palms Grow Outdoors?

Areca palms usually grow at a slightly faster rate outdoors as they have no limitations on their growth. It can easily surpass 10 inches in growth per year in the ideal conditions. When grown outdoors, these palms can also grow considerably taller, reaching heights of over 30 feet.

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…In Hawaii?

Areca Palms thrive in the Hawaiian climate, they grow at rates of up to 2 feet per season when the conditions are perfect. They have become a very popular ornamental plant there as they require minimal care when grown outdoors in that climate. 

…In Florida?

Areca Palms grow considerably faster in Florida than they do in most other places as it has become naturalized there. The climate in southern Florida is perfect for these palms and can help it achieve growth of 2 feet and more during the growing seasons.

How To Make Areca Palms Grow Faster

If you think you’re doing everything right but your Areca Palm still isn’t growing as quick as you’d like, there are a few things you can do to try and speed up the growth even further. Here’s my tips on what you can do:

  • Ensure that your potting mix is well draining. Mix in some composted tree bark or perlite to improve the quality of your soil mixture. Adding these helps improves aeration and how well the soil drains. This will help prevent your plants from dying or having a lack of nutrients, which would otherwise hinder its growth.
  • Keep the environment consistent. Areca palms can be sent into shock, this usually occurs if the plant is moved suddenly and there’s a large change in temperature or humidity. Keeping the environment the same all year round will help your palm to adapt and ensure its growth rate remains consistent. To give it a boost in growth, try and make the room your palm is situated in a little more humid.
  •  Sunlight is a very important factor for an Areca Palms growth rate, to ensure that it grows as quick as possible keep it in a well lit area but out of direct sunlight. Think of it this way, the more light it gets, the faster it will grow. Just ensure that you don’t leave it in a shaded area as this will be detrimental to how fast it will grow.
  • Nourish your Areca Palm with a slow releasing fertilizer such as this one on Amazon. This will give your plant all the nutrients it needs through the majority of the season and will automatically give your plant more in the warmer parts of the growing season. To encourage growth even further you can apply a micro-nutrient spray to the leaves throughout the summer.
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If you want to learn about some palms and plants that are cheaper than most, check out my guide on more affordable options if you’re on a budget.


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