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Hose Reel 101: The Name Of Various Hose Reel Parts

Hose reels are a prevalent piece of equipment you can discover in various establishments. They are complex machines that are required to withstand incredible stress and pressure. They can be used for various things, including putting out fires, tending gardens, and washing cars, among other things. 

The device is typically installed on the ground or mounted on a wall depending on the situation. Even though these devices are comparable to other options for storage, such as cabinets and boxes, etc., what sets them apart from those other options is the superior benefits they offer. This article will discuss the name of various hose reel parts and what they do.

Hose Adaptor

The end of the hose is fitted with a small piece of equipment known as an adapter, which is then connected to the end of the hose. You can connect and disconnect your garden hose from a water source, such as a faucet or sprinkler, with the help of this accessory. The primary purpose of this component is to remove any possibility of water or other valuable resources being lost due to leaks or other forms of waste. You must purchase and use the correct adapter for your hose reel.


The handle is an essential component of a hose reel because it enables the user to transport the device with minimal effort. It gives you control over the amount of water from the hose and the direction in which it travels. You can recognize it by its plastic construction and general placement on the top of your hose reel. It is best to avoid picking a handle that is either too heavy or too bulky if you want it to be comfortable to hold and straightforward to maneuver.

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Inlet Pipe

The inlet pipe is part of your hose reel that connects to your faucet. It allows water to flow through it and into the hose, giving you control over when and how much water comes out of each length of tubing. This piece is often made from plastic or metal and can be found on the side or back of your hose reel. The size of the inlet pipe is essential, as it will determine how much water can flow through at once. A large diameter pipe will allow more water to pass through than a smaller one, but it may also be harder to control.

Metal Frames

A metal frame is a necessary part of any garden hose reel. It supports your entire system and helps prevent it from falling over when not in use. The size and type of metal used will vary depending on your chosen model, but they are typically made from aluminum or steel. These materials are simple to transport from one place to another and sturdy enough to support water weight within the hose. Some models also have wheels attached to their base, allowing you to transport them easily.


Wheels are another essential feature that you should look for when choosing a garden hose reel. Wheels are handy because they allow you to move the system from one location to another without carrying it on your back or shoulder. It is beneficial if you have a large yard or garden and must move your hose frequently. The wheels should be sturdy, durable, and easy to roll. Some models also come with brakes that allow you to lock the wheel in place when you’re not using it. This feature is essential because it can prevent damage caused by rolling while unsupervised.

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Drum Plates

Drum Plates are another critical component to consider. The drum plate is part of the reel that holds the hose and can be made from various materials. Plastic is often used because it’s lightweight and inexpensive; however, it may hold up less over time than metal or stainless steel. The drum plate also impacts how well your hose reel works. If it’s too thin or flimsy, it can easily bend and twist when you pull the hose out of storage. It can create kinks in the line that reduce water pressure and cause leaks.

Swivel Housing

Housing for the swivel mechanism is an additional component of a necessary hose reel. It is the section of the hose attached to your house or any other water source, and for you to use your hose, this section of the hose needs to be able to turn quickly. If it swivels well, you must manually move the reel around whenever you want to spray something, which can become annoying after a while. If it does swivel well, it will swivel when you want to spray something.


An essential part of any hose is the nozzle. You need this device to turn water into a stream, mist, or spray for different purposes around your home. If you have a terrible nozzle on your hose, you cannot use it properly.

A suitable nozzle should have a wide range of settings so that you can choose the type of spray best suited for your job. For example, having a mist option will be handy if you want to clean your windows or spray insect killer on plants.

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Wrap Up

A hose reel is an essential part of any home or commercial property. It provides the means to water garden plants and lawns when needed and keeps the hose organized when it isn’t in use. Also, since it is something that you use regularly, it’s essential to have a hose reel that will hold it properly and provide you with an easy way to wind up your hose. With that, always remember that the various hose reel parts play a prominent role in the overall performance of the hose reel.

It’s essential to ensure that you have all the right parts in place to have a hose reel that will last and provide years of service if you are looking for one. If you take these steps, you can ensure that your hose reel is working correctly and providing the performance needed to help your yard look great throughout the year.