tree ornament with miniature money bills hanging

Chinese Money Plant Meaning: Why Is It Called A Money Tree?

tree ornament with miniature money bills hanging

The money tree is a legendary plant with many mysterious beliefs surrounding it, I often wondered if any of them are true, so I did my research and compiled it all into one place for your benefit, here’s what I found.

First of all, why is it called a money tree? It gets its nickname from an ancient Chinese story about a poor farmer that prayed to the Gods for wealth and fortune, only to later stumble upon a plant growing in his field. The farmer couldn’t fathom the beauty of the plant, so he began to grow more of them for others to appreciate. Quickly he became one of the wealthiest men in the area through the sales of the plant.

Whilst the nickname has an interesting story behind it, there’s also plenty of folklore surrounding the origin of the tree, but the truth is not quite as exciting, check out why below.

Origin Of The Money Tree

It’s widely believed that the ancient farmer was the first to discover the money tree, but that’s far from the truth.

The money tree was actually created in 1986 by a Taiwanese truck driver who cultivated 5 small trees and braided together the trunks in a single plant pot to create the money tree.

It quickly became popular in Japan and then spread across the rest of East Asia, becoming a very symbolic plant in many homes and businesses. Partly due to it being a slow-growing plant.

What Does A Money Tree Symbolize?

plant growing from a stack of coins
The Money Tree symbolizes wealth in many areas

Often people wonder what a money tree actually symbolizes, well the truth is, a few different things:

  • Wealth – It’s often looked at as a sign of this, it’s believed that the owners will be brought wealth.
  • Good Luck – This makes them a popular gift for people, so its popular in Asian countries for it to be sent as a message of good luck.
  • Prosperity – Similar to wealth, prosperity is another symbol for this plant, meaning the owner will live a full and happy life.
  • Feng Shui – Each branch represents one of the Feng Shui elements: Earth, Water, Wood, Fire and Metal.
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Does A Money Tree Bring Good Luck?

Whilst it is only symbolic, I often wondered if there’s any truth the money tree bringing you good luck.

Unfortunately, it’s nothing more than a symbol of good luck, but that’s not to say you will not encounter fortune in the near future.

But after all, believing in something can make it come true so, believe in whatever you want!

Does A Money Tree Bring Money?

Whilst many people do often wonder if money does actually grow on tress, unfortunately in the case of this one, it doesn’t.

The tree is just a symbol of good fortune and prosperity but that’s not to say it will not bring you some good luck in the future towards your financial goals.

Is It Bad Luck To Buy Your Own Money Tree?

Buying your own money tree often brings the thought of losing out on the symbolic meanings behind the plant.

Well, you’ll be glad to hear that buying your own money tree isn’t bad luck as it’s supposed to bring good luck and prosperity to its owner, even if you did buy it yourself.

Now, whether you believe in the symbolic meanings is a different story!