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9 Signs Your Washing Machine Needs Repair

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Ah, the humble washing machine. A domestic marvel that hums and whirrs in the background of our daily lives, often overlooked until something goes awry. After all, with our jam-packed schedules and endless to-do lists, who has the time to pay attention to the machinations of this everyday workhorse?

Well, let’s pause for a moment and consider this: when it comes to maintaining the longevity of our washing machines, the age-old adage, “a stitch in time saves nine,” holds truer than ever. You’re probably scratching your head, wondering where we are going with this. Hang tight; it’s about to get real interesting.

According to a revealing study by Consumer Reports, an eyebrow-raising 30% of brand-new washing machines will likely run into problems or break down entirely within their first five years. A gasp-worthy revelation, right? Far sooner than any of us would anticipate!

With that in mind, it’s high time we took a closer look at our dependable friend in the laundry room. Let’s dive deep into the telltale signs that your washing machine might need tender loving care. Or, in those heart-dropping worst-case scenarios, a complete overhaul. So, sit tight, and let’s listen to what our washing machines are trying to tell us. After all, these warning signs are your machine’s desperate cries for help. Ignoring them? Not on our watch!

1.    The Drum Doesn’t Spin

If your drum isn’t spinning, it could be because of a broken drive belt, a common issue in washing machines. You see, the drive belt enables the drum to spin. So if it’s broken or worn out, your clothes might as well take a leisurely soak in the tub! So, you might want to search the internet to find the right washing machine parts online, which, in this case, might be a new drive belt. 

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2.    It’s Shaking, Rattling, and Rolling

Ever feel like your washing machine is auditioning for a role in a rock ‘n’ roll band? That’s not a good sign! Excessive shaking or vibration can mean your washing machine has gone off balance. You may be able to correct the issue simply by rebalancing your machine, but if the shake, rattle, and roll persist, you could be facing a more significant problem, such as a worn-out snubber ring, damper pad, or shock absorbers. 

3.    The Drum Doesn’t Fill with Water

If your drum stays as dry as the Sahara desert when you start a cycle, there’s a problem. It could be due to a delayed cycle or a problem with the water inlet valve. If it’s the former, some patience might do the trick. But if it’s the latter, you may need to replace the part to get the water flowing again.

4.    Strange Noises? Might Not Be a Ghost

If your washer makes sounds that remind you of a haunted house, you might have a real-life problem. Strange noises can be a sign of something stuck in the machine or a problem with the motor. You don’t want to ignore the eerie orchestra, be it a stray coin, a forgotten paper clip, or a damaged motor.

5.    It Doesn’t Drain

If water remains in your machine after a cycle, there could be a blockage or a problem with the drain hose or pump. It might just be a simple cleaning of the drain filter, but sometimes it could signal a need for more complicated repair work.

6.    It Doesn’t Finish Cycles

Imagine running a race and stopping just short of the finish line. Frustrating, isn’t it? The same goes for your washer if it starts a cycle but doesn’t finish. It could be an issue with the timer or control board. In some cases, this might mean that your machine needs a new timer or a control board repair—in other words, a new brain!

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7.    It Leaves Marks on Your Clothes

Is your washing machine trying to create its fashion trend? Spots, stains, or residue on clothes can indicate a failing washer. It could be a sign that your machine’s tub is dirty and needs cleaning, or it could point to an issue with the washer’s transmission. Either way, your clothes don’t deserve such a trendsetting mishap!

8.    Bad Odors Lurking

Did you just get a whiff of something that smells like it’s straight out of a horror movie? Your washing machine could be the star of this scary show. Bad odors often indicate a buildup of mold or mildew, often caused by residual moisture in the machine or the use of too much detergent.

9.    Your Utility Bills Are Sky-High

Are your utility bills giving you a nasty surprise each month? If your bills are skyrocketing, your washing machine might be the culprit. Older models of washers or those with mechanical issues can be incredibly energy inefficient.


Remember, while washing machines are hardy appliances built to withstand years of use, they occasionally need a little care and attention. By keeping a keen eye on these signs, you’ll ensure that your washing machine remains a trusted ally in your laundry room and doesn’t leave you all washed up!